Non-Commital Dark Room

UPDATED: March 2018

The dark room was updated probably not long after this original post. Having a large space and not being able to keep an eye on it all when processing plate was a little disconcerting, so I changed the curtain over to some orange welding screen. (You could even use just yellow screen.) The upgrade was pretty great and totally worth the investment. You should be able to buy screen by the yard at places like McMaster Carr (a retailer of all things fabrication).


I greatly under estimated the size of my darkroom. But space is at a premium and very few things have permanent homes at the shop–the dark room is one of those few immobile structures. However, the addition is not!

≈10′ – 1″ pvc pipe
≈20′ – 1″ metal conduit
2 – corner conduit connectors
4 – pipe wall mounting brackets

*since this posting I have replaced the fabric curtains with translucent, red/orange, welding curtains!
It looks infinitely better, and I can still see the rest of the studio when I’m in the darkroom!

Movable “walls” and no sag!…even at full extension.

The green and blue sheets will be replaced with much neater curtains made of 6mil black plastic sheeting.

A telescoping extension!
I will probably shorten the pvc pipe so that the curtain can retract to its original position.

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