All kinds of new-ness…

So, all these posts have been pretty intermittent. Hopefully that will change. Lots of moving parts going on in the background, but a big reorganization is afoot. The only thing I can divulge at the moment is that I’m going for a rebranding that will better encompass that entirety of what I do in my studio practice. So far you only really see the printmaking and sometimes the painting, but there is a whole lot more. I am hopeful that Third Switch Studios will make what I share seem less disjointed and aimless…fingers crossed!

My early thoughts are that each area of interest will be a “studio”, leaving room for collaborations between them. There’s the painting studio, the printmaking studio, the guitar and amp studio (what?!), the gardening studio (srsl?), the design and fabrication studio, and whatever else might cross my benches.

All for now. Stay tuned!


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