Press Name

Printers often come up with great, meaningful,  and/or clever names for their studios...I thought it was about time to name mine. So I would like to introduce THIRD SWITCH PRESS! Yes, as in "THROW THE THIRD SWITCH!!" "No! Not the THIRD switch!" of Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein. I thought it would be proper since it … Continue reading Press Name

Some New Toys

Needing some flexibility with my hard ground, I decided to take a step backwards and use the traditional hard ball ground. However, the use of it required a few tools that I haven't acquired yet: a hot plate, and a leather roller. All homemade, of course!

Virtue No. 463 – Adjustable Strength

Besides time, you can affect an etch through the strength of the current flowing through the circuit. The lower the amperage, the more delicate the etch, and the finer the details. Conversely, the higher the amperage, the stronger the etch, the courser the details. Amperage, voltage and ohms are often described using an analogy to … Continue reading Virtue No. 463 – Adjustable Strength