The Main Switch

The Main Switch. I use this in correlation with my larger power supply. This was made with a commercial timer switch for vacuum presses. We use one at the frame shop for mounting. I just bought the switch and mounted it into wooden box for the etching station. The top outlet is connected to the … Continue reading The Main Switch

DIY Leather Litho Rollers (Attempt No.1)

UPDATE: (July 2020) I sold my litho setup to a great up-and-coming lithographer in Arizona. All equipment, including the little roller went to her. Apparently she got the roller seasoned and in use, and it seems to work well enough. So there's that...glad its all in good hands! UPDATE: (March 2018) I haven't moved further … Continue reading DIY Leather Litho Rollers (Attempt No.1)

Production Paper Tearing (Improved!)

I showed off my paper-tearing contraption of at the 2013 Southern Graphics Council conference in Milwaukee, but it just received a new tweak. Something that I am embarrassed to say took me this long to figure out. I switched out the clamps that normally hold the straightedge to drilled holes and wooden pegs. These make … Continue reading Production Paper Tearing (Improved!)