Etching Press – “Marlene”

Marlene (as in Dietrich) is my Homemade Etching Press

This little beauty was built by myself and sculptor Ryan Collins in 2009. She was made from raw steel and was    finished with gloss black powder coating. The hubs of the pressure dials and turn crank are sand cast aluminum. Her measurements are 12″x24″x15″ and she weights approximately 60 pounds.

We based the design off of Doug Forsythe’s “Build A Press” plans which can be ordered here.

If you are looking to purchase something already built, look here. Ryan has fabricated his own design!

In progress etching press.
The etching press in progress!
Unfinished etching press, before powder coating.
Etching press, pre-powder coating.
Finished etching press with glossy black powdercoating.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever…


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