Herb Fox Etching Press Restoration

In May 2016 I had the opportunity to rehab an older pres in exchange for using it for a time once it was finished. Here are some of the progress pictures…

From what I’ve gathered so far, The Herb Fox Press was made by a machinist/artist named Peter Lindenmuth (of Nexus Machine & Gallery in Dorchester, MA) for master printer Herb Fox in the late sixties. A small run of these presses was then completed between 1968 and 1970. More history to come as I dig a little deeper.

This press is replete with all kinds of details that are both delightful and quirky:
-The micrometer is beautifully made,
-The drive roller is at the TOP, instead of the bottom, so the entire chain/gear box travels up the ways as the height and pressure are adjusted.
-The support bearings for the bed are located on a wooden cross support immediately next to the rollers and the outer supports are on an angled base that has been rebuild with sturdier materials.
-The pressed is 1″ think phenolic resin that will outlive us all.

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