Once a collaborative printmaking studio, Third Switch Press is being reorganized as Third Switch Studios to better cover the wide range of interests and projects that I get myself into. The thing is, I love finding interesting connections between seemingly disparate materials, ideas, and processes, but I’ve always had a hard time connecting them all under one personal brand. There is the painting, the printmaking, all of the adventures in electricity and science, the studio equipment, and way way in the background is my love of old tools, guitars, amps, and gardening. I know, right?

So here we are. Keep an eye on the site, as there will hopefully be lots of changes coming!

*You might notice that this blog originated as, and technically remains, thirdswitchpress.wordpress, but is now connected to thirdswitchstudios.com. Just to explain that bit.

The content on this site is a documentation of my own experiments. While I can account for my own actions and safety, I cannot account for yours. IF you decide to attempt or tinker with similar experiments to my own, PLEASE focus your utmost attention to safety and critical thinking. I am not responsible, in any way, for misunderstandings or mishaps resulting in material, physical, or mental harm. Proceed at your own risk.

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