Third Switch Press is an art studio that harnesses the raw beauty of electricity in all of its work. We produce fine art, fine craft, and will be open to license our imagery for commercial use.

The heart of Third Switch Press is the work of our founder and head designer, Kim Gatesman. Her imagery is a direct capture of something that, while ubiquitous, its form can rarely be enjoyed. Our entire portfolio allows access into this hidden world of electricity by capturing what would normally be momentary flashes of light and placing them onto objects that can be seen, used , and admired.

Once a collaborative printmaking studio, Third Switch Press is being reorganized to focus on this new electrostatic imagery and the processes used to make and transfer it. Printmaking, while still a main driver of our work, will be accompanied by a much broader field of exploration that may include: ceramics, textiles, and photography.


The content on this site is a documentation of my own experiments. While I can account for my own actions and safety, I cannot account for yours. IF you decide to attempt or tinker with similar experiments to my own, PLEASE focus your utmost attention to safety and critical thinking. I am not responsible, in any way, for misunderstandings or mishaps resulting in material or physical harm. Proceed at your own risk.

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